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Maroccan lamp on a rainy day | Light of a maroccan lamp reflects in water on a rainy evening. Shot trough window this water drops on it which also reflect the light. - Realized with Pictrs.comGreen hedge | Close up of a fresh green hedge. Focus is on a few leafs on the left and crosses over to nice bokeh on the right. - Realized with Pictrs.comShingled wooden wall  | A shingled wooden wall with straight rectangular pattern. The wood is already weathered which gives the picture this old and used look. - Realized with Pictrs.comStack of wood | A stack of round wood frontal. Sustainable energy. - Realized with Pictrs.comNur Gürtel | felix-thomann-photography - Realized with Pictrs.comAutumn sun | Warm autumn sun shines through yellow and orange leafs. - Realized with Pictrs.comBlase im Eis | felix-thomann-photography - Realized with Pictrs.comInspired by A.W. | felix-thomann-photography - Realized with Pictrs.comWaves | A drop of water creates a propagating wave. - Realized with

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